Rice Crackers(Beika)

rice cracker

A confection famous for its fragrance and crunchiness, beika is available in numerous varieties differing by rice type, cracker shape, and locale. Common varieties include osenbei, okaki, and arare. Some come flavored with soy sauce, salt, or sugar; some come wrapped in seaweed (nori). Why not sample several kinds to find the ones you like best? Many manufacturers are located in the nearby Echigo Plain area, and many of their products are available for purchase at train stations and in souvenir shops. Easily carried and stored, with a relatively long shelf life and a true Niigata identity, beika products make for ideal souvenirs.

rice cracker

Niigata Senbei Okoku

Come to this “Kingdom of Rice Crackers” in the Niigata area to view the senbei production process, and to try your hand at toasting your own crackers. You’ll want to take your custom crackers home with you, but don’t forget to stop at the souvenir shop to also purchase the professional variety, and to view other great gifts and mementos. A visit to the “Kingdom” will be another valuable memory of your trip to Niigata.
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Where:2661 Niizaki, Kita-ku, Niigata-shi
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